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New – General Terms and Conditions of Membership and Supervisor Accreditation from 1st October 2014

This document is effective from October 1st 2014 for all Members   General Terms and … More...


COSRT organises two Conferences and a number of CPD Workshops each year which are open to members and non-members.
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  • 17 Apr 15 - BDSM and Further Sexualities Workshop

    The day aims to equip delegates with the knowledge and skills to see clients whose practice or identity encompasses BDSM and/or further sexualities, without having difficulty with the main stumbling blocks which are commonly encountered.

  • 5 Jun 15 - Having it All? Post-natal Depression and Parenting for Fathers and Mothers

    The day will focus upon the identity and role of the contemporary father in our society, his experience of pregnancy and birth, the rates, causes and measurement of paternal PND (PPND) and the place for intervention in reducing the risk and effects of PPND on the individual and his family. Possible causes of PND and its impact on the mother, the couple and the family unit will also be explored.

Information for the Public

older happy coupleIf you have relationship problems, want reassurance about something that’s worrying you, or could use some tips on keeping your relationship healthy, there’s lots for you here.  

If you’d like professional help with whatever is troubling you, you can find a local COSRT-accredited therapist by searching our listings pages. 


Members and Professionals

Members and ProfessionalsTherapists and other practitioners can learn about COSRT and find professional guidance.  Members and non-members alike can book our training and conference programme or use our library of documents.   More... 

The Journal of Sexual and Relationship Therapy

The journal of Sexual and Relationship Therapy  is our official journal informing our membership of leading research in the field.


Therapists Listings

Therapists listings

All COSRT members are listed in our directory, which you can search to find someone who works locally.  

The directory gives information about members’ qualifications and whether or not they are accredited by COSRT.  

There’s advice on what to look for if you need a therapist on this site.